At Kuk Sool Won of Los Altos we provide a safe, comfortable, and clean environment for your child to learn.

Children's classes are organized by focus level, which generally corresponds to a mix of age and rank. The instructor will evaluate each student to insure that they enter into the appropriate class.

At Kuk Sool Won of Mountain View, we focus on skills that are valuable not only in a class setting but also teach your child core strengths that can be applied outside the dojang.  We have incorporated concepts such as Goal Setting, Self-Discipline, Focus, Self-Control, and Self-Defense as major learning milestones in our curriculum.

Our belt system is built around your child consistently striving for and achieving age appropriate goals. Reaching these goals will help your child understand the concept of Goal Setting and how to meet these goals with a motivated mindset. Once you child has met the age- and belt -specific goal, it becomes a building block for further learning. As your child progresses, the goals gradually become more challenging. We encourage children to take a greater responsibility in achieving the given goals. By steadily learning how to strive for these goals, your child will learn Self-Discipline.

Traditional martial arts forms teach your child to achieve and maintain Focus.

Games are an instructive tool for children to creatively explore different avenues within the boundaries set by certain rules. Our classes include games and exercises that require your child to exercise Self-Control in order to complete the game successfully. Games and exercises that simulate stressful situations prepare your child for Self-Defense.